Business Regulations

Regulations on local lines

Free transfer

The right to free transportation on the basis of the Law on Transport in Linear and Occasional Coastal Shipping and the Rulebook on the Conditions and Procedure for Exercising the Right to Free Shipping on Public Maritime Transport Lines, the Law on Privileges in Internal Transit and the Law on the Rights and Duties of Representatives in Croatia (with a demonstration card) at the time of the academic year (from 1 September to 30 June to 15 July for students), pensioners and persons over the age of 65 with resident on the island (with a demonstration card), health care workers in carriage of patients, children up to 3 years, representatives of the Croatian Parliament.

Disabled persons and military and civilian invalids

Disabled persons and military and civilian disabilities are entitled to a discount of 75% on the ticket price, four times a year.
We are kindly asking all elderly persons, disabled persons and persons of reduced mobility to contact crew members for any kind of assistance.


Any transportation of cargo is forbidden on highspeed lines.


Hand luggage up to 20 kg is free of charge. The shipping company is not responsible for the loss and/or damage to luggage.


Pets can only be transported if they don’t represent danger or disturbance to passengers or ship employees. They can not be brought into closed passenger compartments but are transported in separate containers. Dogs must have a muzzle (except for a blind person’s guide dog), cats must be in boxes and birds in cages. For dogs and cats owners must have a mandatory vaccination certificate.  Owners have to take care of the meals for their pets. Owners take the risk and responsibility for possible damage during the travel caused by animals. The shipping company doesn’t take responsibility for any animal injury during the journey.


The shipping company Catamaran line retains the right to modify the navigation without prior notice and reserves the right to revoke or change any voyage in the event of force majeure or for technical reasons, and shall not be liable for any consequence of delays of the ship for any reason whatsoever.


The check-in starts 30 minutes before the departure of the ship at the starting port or immediately after the landing in the all other ports.

Travel cancellation and refunds

If a passenger does not board the ship until the ship leaves, the money for the purchased ticket will not be returned to him.

Loss of transport ticket

The traveler is obliged to report a ticket loss and buy a new one.

Charges and penalties

In accordance with Article 605 of the Maritime Code, a traveler shall pay a surcharge or penalty, in the following cases:
1. When failing to obtain a ticket before embarking on a ship, and then signing for a card on board, the passenger pays a regular carriage and an allowance of 5 kn.
2. When a passenger is caught on a ship without a valid ticket, and it can not be established with certainty where the starting port is, a double fare will be charged from the departure port of the ship.

Passenger insurance

By concluding a contract of carriage (by purchasing a ticket) the passenger is insured against maritime risks.

Right travelers

In the enclosed .pdf document, read the rights of passengers in maritime transport and inland navigation.


The shipping company has limited liability in case of death or injuries of the passenger. Damage will be paid in the determined amount by the Maritime Code of the Republic of Croatia.


Management of Catamaran line